Welcome to Your Tales.

Everyone has a narrative to share with their immediate family and even the world at large. What Your Tales offers is a direct human interaction designed to elicit the stories that may not have been told to anyone else, either because they didn't ask or it was felt these memories were not relevant.

These memories are relevant, and they are worth preserving. These are stories that have occurred during one of the most rapidly evolving eras in the whole of history. Our parents and our grandparents have some absolute marvels to share with us—so let's preserve these legacies before it's too late.

We are not proposing speaking to the little tiny camera at the top of a computer screen. We will come to the space where our interviewee is the most comfortable and establish a real dialogue and human connection while we film and record them. We are a collaboration of professional filmmakers from all over the world and we love story telling and gathering.

People in general often share their stories and memories with kind strangers. They do not judge us, and we feel comforted by that and share far more than we would with a family member or loved one. And—last but certainly not least—when someone who is not a family member is asking for stories, the entire history is given. It is as if the tales are being told for the first time.

What you will have when we have completed our work for you is an invaluable piece of family and world history—a little film complete with music and titles. A wonderful gift for yourself and future generations.

Thank you for reading our website!

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